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If you are looking for a sustainable alternative for hardwood planks, then our Bamboo collection is the perfect choice for you: top-quality oiled bamboo planks with a hardwood look.

And what’s more:
  • Competitive prices, as it is directly imported from China
  • Extensive stock available which means quick delivery

Bamboo is an environmentally responsible product: the mother plant creates new stems every year that rapidly grow to adult size. This natural material is completely biodegradable and not harmful to the environment. Bamboo does not contain any poisonous or harmful substances and is non-allergenic.

Production process

Once cut, the bamboo is ground, boiled, and then pressed into blocks under high pressure. This process gives the product an incredibly dense fibre structure and completely eliminates the risk for shrinkage or distortion as a result of moisture absorption, as well as preventing mould and rot. This is what distinguishes bamboo from hardwood

Dutch Stables – Menten-Hilkens


Bamboo planks present the following advantages:

• Looks like hardwood
• No risk of shrinkage, expansion, or rot
• Extremely strong and durable
• Does not splinter
• For indoor and outdoor use
• Available in light and dark colours
• Sustainable alternative for hardwood